Nissan Patrol viti 2008, Bojë argjendi, 3.0L, 260000km

20 000€ I diskutueshëm
Shtuar: 24 tetor 2021, numri: 114297
Modeli: Patrol 
Viti: 2008 
Kilometrazhi: 260000 km
Ngjyra: Bojë argjendi 
Targa nga: Të huaja 
Tipi i karrocerisë: Fuoristradë 
Gjendja: E përdorur 
Kutia e shpejtësisë: Automatike 
Tipi i motorit: Naftë 
Kapaciteti i motorit: 3.0 litra
Kuaj fuqi: 160 
Timoni: Djathtas 
Aparat transmisioni: 4 x 4 
Car is located in Berlin/Germany!!
After 4 years in which this car has driven me around the world it will now be passed on to the next one.
I bought it back then in Western Australia with 200,000km and it has been my reliable home ever since.
Thanks to the registration, which saves me the TÜV, traveling on the Australian, American and European continents was almost frictionless.
- "ARB" bullbar
- Double spare wheel carrier with LED taillight spotties
- 315 / 70R17 Mickey Thompson mud tires
- "Ironman" heavy duty springs / foam cell shocks
- Airbags in the rear springs (for additional loading)
- 2" "Ironman" lift
- 2.5" straight through exhaust
- 3" "Ironman" snorkel
- roof rack
- 3 x 9" "Kings"Osram spotties (Bullbar)
- 4 x 7" "Kings"Osram spotties(roof rack)
- 12000lb winch
- Rocksliders
- Rear / left awning
- Awning tent (3x2m)
- Radio antenna + cb radio
- 2 diesel tanks 90L + 30L
- Reinforced swaybar links (adjustable)
- NADS - Nissan Anti Detonation System (very common in Australia for longevity
of the engine)
- "Redarc" exhaust gas temperature / turbo gauge
- Dawes and Needle valve for turbo system
- Oil Catch Can (filters the oil vapors from the crankcase ventilation)
- EGR blocked
- Scangauge installed
- Diesel injection control unit (Eco / Normal / Performance)
- Turbo timer (even cooling of the turbocharger after the engine has been switched off)
- "Redarc" dual battery system: 1 starter battery, 1 deep cycle battery 90ah
- "HPD" intercooler
- "HPD" air filter box
- "Kings" 60L compressor fridge
- "Titan" drawer system
- Rear door folding table
- Alpine roof mount DVD player
- window tint
- foam mattress
- 400W inverter
- 2 Diesel Jerry cans
- 3 Water Jerry cans
- 11t snatch strap
- 5t winch extension rope
- air compressor
- High lift jack
- Shovel / ax
- Spare parts box / special tools
- Engine oil / coolant
- gas cooker / bottle
...and much more.
Recent repairs:
- Engine oil / filter
- Transmission oil / filter
- Front differential oil
- Front left drive shaft
- Diesel / air/ coolant hoses
- rocker cover + seal
- starter battery
- brake pads
- air filter
- rubber bushings
About 5000km ago:
- glow plugs
- radiator
- driving belt / tensioner
- Deep cycle battery (8 months old)
- diesel filter
- Oilcatch Can Filter
About 15000km ago:
- Ironman suspension springs/ shocks
- Airbags for suspension
- Reinforced swaybar links (adjustable)
The engine runs smoothly and starts immediately.
Since the car only left Australia in 2018, it doenst really have a rust problem.
Apart from a few off-road trips in Australia, the car has seen almost exclusively asphalt roads in my 60000km. Apart from a few exceptions, it was always driven in the gentle eco mode that does not allow more than 2500 rpm. It is not an exhibit but has superficial scratches and a few small dents. Overall, the equipment is in good usable condition. The engine is dry but the gearbox is sweating from a seal (no noticeable loss of oil since the last 5000km).
The vehicle is registered (in Australia) and insured, so it can be test driven without any problems.

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