Paid services


Your ad will appear on pages at "Premium ads" block for 7 days.
You get more views.
Price: 2.50 €

Fix on top

Raise your ad to the top of the list.
- more views
- more responses
- Sell faster
Price (1 day): 1 €

Bump your ad

By increasing priority you raise your ad to the top of the list to attract attention to your offer.
Be on the top - get more views.
Attention! Ads without «Fix on top» feature activated will be shown after ads with this feature activated.
Before re-ordering please make sure that the the previous package is completely used. The packages are replaced, not merged.
Price: 1 €


Mark your ad with «urgent» badge for 14 days.
- Get more attention and more clicks
- Improve your ad’s visibility
Price: 1.50 €

If you are interested in one of the Paid services, then write to us, we will tell you in detail how you can make a payment. It is worth noting that when choosing several services you get a good discount.